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Meet Colin Smith

It was love at first try, but his journey to pursue photography was indeed very long.

Colin Smith discovered his passion for photography in his early teenage years. However, he took a path away from photography and chose to enter Britain’s “silent service’’, the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine force in the Cold War.

He went to top-secret missions as a sonar operator and stayed underwater for months. Confined in a submarine where “there is no day or night” to conduct highly classified tasks that not even his immediate family could know when he was leaving or returning.

Although he lived a thrilling life in the Royal Navy, he left service in 1997, packed his bag and relocated to Australia.

Settling down in Queensland, near the oceans, he chased his dream of becoming an exceptional photographer.

My favourite place to photograph is Paradise Point…“I can capture the sun rising from one end of the street and the sun setting at the other end.” – Excerpt from an Interview with Gold Coast Bulletin

With his DSLR and Pin Hole cameras, Colin uses several formats to capture works of art. His subjects range from landscapes and seascapes to sports and the human form. His talent has already been recognized worldwide, where in the last 15 years, his art has been published in coffee table books and online. Furthermore, his photo of the Sunshine Coast’s iconic SS Dicky was displayed as part of “The Art Takes Times Square Competition in 2012.

Colin is now devoted to sharing his art to those who want to improve their photography skills. He has been running workshops for over 5 years now and has been catering to all levels of photographers in easy-to-understand, cheerful and helpful courses. He also takes pride in being the organiser of The Brisbane Photography Meetup Group, which has attracted hundreds of members.

He also devotes time to charity. In 2015, He held a two-day photography workshop for the Uk-based charity called the Help for Heroes, which provides rehabilitation to servicemen and women injured in the line of duty. Help for Heroes, a UK-based charity that provides care and rehabilitation to servicemen and women injured in the line of duty.

17 years in the deep sea word. All his life as a photography enthusiast. This Gold Coaster is currently splitting time between his home and photography classes in Queensland.