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Taming Light Photography

It all started with a fascination at taking photographs that later turned into passion and profession. Colin Smith discovered his talent in identifying impressive subjects and creating unique stories using his photography skills he honed through time. Now, he’s ready to share all these to aspiring photographers.

Colin created Taming Light Photography in (year) where he started offering courses and workshops, both in online and classroom settings. And in 2019, he is taking photography to another level as he opens his first Tuscany Photography Adventure.

Taming Light Photography is about displaying, teaching and inspiring people and other Photographers on Fine Art Photography. Developing the skills of newbie photographers through:

Photography Tours

Join award-winning photographer Colin Smith on epic photography tours in the most stunning parts of the world.

Photography Books

Taming Light Workshops is a website that is extremely keen to help, nurture Students, Emerging and Established Photographers.

Online Photography Courses

As the popular saying goes “a picture says a thousand words” and that without doubt is what all photographers want to achieve, whether beginners or professionals.