Sunshine Coast Photography Courses

Sunshine Coast Photography Courses.

Sunshine Coast Photography Courses.  Taming Light Workshops offer Sunshine Coast Photography Courses to beginners.

We specilase in teaching Sunshine Coast Photography Courses for Beginners.

The Sunshine Coast Photography Courses for Beginners are located at Wellington Point Reserve a suburb in South East Brisbane.

The Sunshine Coast Photography Courses Beginners are aimed at the total beginner.

They are designed to help nurture Sunshine Coast Photographers and help them move their photography to the next level.

In the Sunshine Coast Photography Courses,  Beginners students learn the following syllabus:-

  • The history of photography and how the camera works.
  • The controls and settings on the camera.
  • The aperture and how it affects images.
  • the shutter and how it affect their images
  • White balance
  • Iso
  • Composition

The students then go on a photography walk about around the reserve under the supervision of their tutor, where they able to learn and correct any problems that may have.

About Your Tutor Colin Smith

He takes pride on passing on the art of photography to all levels in an easy to understand, cheerful and helpful manner. He has over 15 years Photography experiance and has a considerable amount of experaince running Photography Courses.  He is also the organiser of the The Brisbane Photography Meetup Group which currently has over 500 members.

Gold Coast And Sunshine Coast Photography Courses.

Course are also run on a regular basis on both the Sunshine Coast And Gold Coast.

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Sunshine Coast Photography Courses

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