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My Story

My Photography Journey


Colin’s photography journey started at about the age of 14, after watching his Dad in his home black and white lab he decided to buy himself a camera.

His first camera was a Russian made fixed lens camera, which he brought with money from his paper round.

“I found a passion that wasn’t just about photography but, more about The Art of Seeing.”

The Next Chapter

Things changed in 1981 when Colin joined the Royal Navy, serving in  the Elite but very secretive Submarine Service commonly know as The silent service.

Cameras were generally not allowed onboard without the Captains permission and if the were allowed they were only to be used under very strict guidelines due to the sensitive nature of submarine operations.

With his wages he upgraded his camera to an Olympus OM-1 35mm SLR.

Sunset in Paradise

After nearly 17 years service things changed again in 1997 when he left the service and ultimately moved to Australia.

His first digital SLR was and Olympus E Series, he then moved to Canon and now uses only Nikon equipment.


Colin has won many awards and been published both in Australia and overseas, but a highlight was being featured on a billboard in Times Square, New York as part of the Art Takes Times Square Competition.


Photography Education